5 Charts Every Student Can Relate To

It’s already the start of another school year. Summer flew by, and you never called that girl from third period. You were busy playing X-box, eating pizza rolls, and sleeping in ’til 4:00 p.m. But all good things must come to an end. Here’s 5 charts that all students can relate to.

That New S***

As a kid, my favorite part of going back to school was all the new swag I’d get. Overly baggy jeans with a skin-tight Sex Pistols t-shirt, complete with a chain wallet. Yeah, my fashion game was on fire; you don’t have to tell me.



Musical Chairs 

Attention, teachers!!! If you want your students to hate you, create a seating chart. By doing so, you’re guaranteed to put Jimmy next to Todd, which will result in a full-on WWE Wrestlemania match in your chemistry class.

VNSchool2 (2)


Text Me, Maybe

It’s the 21st century. Today, everyone over the age of 6 has a smartphone, which means texting is the new “passing notes” in class. Teachers better start taking lessons from the NSA to Patriot Act the hell out of Becky’s phone because she’s spreading some heated rumors about Liz’s makeup choices.

VNSchool5 (1)


Class Time = Sleep Time

What do you expect!?!? Kids go from sleeping 18 hours a day over the summer down to the necessary 6–8 hours a night during the school year. There has to be some flexibility—a time when students can catch a couple Zs during the day—and that time is called math class.



Master in Deferring Student Loans

You just got done with your undergrad degree. Congrats! Time to get a job and start paying off those student loans, right? Naw, I figured deferring those payments to get a masters in animal sciences is a way better idea for me right now.