5 Things Marketers Can Learn from Designers

This post, written by Win Lin, originally appeared on NewsCred.

Marketers and designers are increasingly working together these days as both are reliant on each other to complete their respective tasks and goals. Designing without a goal in mind isn’t really designing, and marketing without a proper platform is like yelling into an empty void. The marketer needs to drive potential customers to the sales team, and the designer requires interesting projects to satiate his or her creative needs.

While we often work together, similarities can sometimes end there—the workflows, thought process, and reasoning behind certain decisions can be completely off between team members.

design and marketing

As a designer at NewsCred, I’ve learned how to integrate design and creative thinking into our marketing team to best fulfill the needs of both sides, thereby creating an incredibly superhuman-like dream team of individuals. I’ve found 5 things you can do to help make your team more awesome.

1. Care about the details

Designers care a lot about the details; the term “pixel perfect” isn’t an exaggeration. Caring about the details means putting in that extra dash of love. MailChimp’s Voice & Tone is an example of not just a brand and design piece but a marketing piece that obviously has a ton of love and care put into it. The small things really can add up. As a result, your work will have a completely different feel to it.

2. Understand where we’re coming from

You should dabble in anything that comes in contact with your line of work. Things like layout, composition, color theory, and typography might not be things you use in your day-to-day duties, but being able to understand the choices that designers make is important in helping you make better informed decisions for your team. As a designer, I do my best to learn about sales, lead generation, marketing, and content strategy to help make my work easier to do and more well-informed.

3. Get nerdy with it

Designers are nerds. We argue and debate about the smallest of details across the far reaches of the Internet—everything from hamburger menus to mobile forms. We dig deep and learn as much as we can in order to improve our craft. By analyzing every aspect of our skillset, we’re able to push the boundaries and constantly evolve our workflow to be as efficient as possible. Online there are plenty of blogs, podcasts, forums, and communities that talk about these things, so there’s no excuse. There’s also nothing wrong with finding other like-minded people to talk nerdy with about what you’re passionate about. So get out there and hit up those meetups and online boards! It’ll make you better at whatever you do.

4. Find the right tool for the job

Along with design, another thing we love to talk about are the tools that help make our job easier. There’s a tool for almost anything in the design world, from creating prototypes and finding color schemes to designing websites and even generating forms. As a marketer, you should be aware of what’s out there, what’s in the works, and what’s being used. Some of these tools will not only put you ahead of the game but they’ll help you save time, money, and headaches down the line.

5. Be creative

Our job as designers is to think outside the box to create compelling executions. Why do the thing everyone else is doing if there’s a better way? As humans are bombarded with more and more digital junk every day, we have grown to ignore anything that isn’t authentic or creative enough to get our attention. As a result, it’s even more important to get creative and think of unique ways to capture the audience that we’re going for.

That’s it! Designers are by no means perfect. But by learning from each other, we can all try to be more awesome at our jobs. So get out there and channel your inner Jony Ive.

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