Artists for Education Helps Students Learn with Free Posters

One of the things we’re most proud of as an agency is our culture and our values: Do Good Work, Value Our Partners, Be Good to Each Other, Be Humble, and Experiment Often. These are important rules to keep in mind when we interact with our clients and each other, but we also think they serve us outside the office, which is why we are so proud when we see our Column Fivers (both current and former) doing good work in the world.

Today, we’re happy to announce the latest project from C5 alum Brad Woodard (of Brave the Woods illustration and design shop) and his wife, Krystal. The duo just launched Artists For Education, a unique organization of talented artists who are banding together to give teachers the educational art they need to help all children learn and succeed.

Artists for Education

Because teachers are often tasked with buying their own supplies, they have a limited budget for much-needed visual aids that help students learn more effectively.


artists for education

To help address this problem, Artists for Education has recruited artists to create free educational posters for teachers to download, print, and use as needed in their classrooms. To ensure accuracy, the posters are reviewed by experts.

These posters help teachers supplement their lessons, make concepts easier to understand, and inject a little art into the classroom.

In addition to the visual aids for classroom, Artists for Education has prints available for the public in case you want to bring a little learning into your living space—or send one to a teacher in need.


As data designers, we know a little something all about the value of visualization and why it’s such an important teaching tool, so we are excited to see Artists for Education support so many hard-working teachers, students, and artists. Kudos to Brad and his team. 

If you want to support, head over to the Artists for Education site to see all their awesome posters, and consider sending a little love to a teacher in your life.

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