Course Hero: Study Guide Infographics

Content Creation

The Client

Course Hero is an online learning platform that helps students access course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators.


The Opportunity

Visual content is particularly effective at increasing comprehension. Back in 2015, Course Hero had the clever idea to help students study famous novels by turning them into infographics. As avid book lovers, we were thrilled when Course Hero recruited us to create 200 of these infographics in approximately 24 months. Based on that success, their team asked us to do it again. The catch? This time they needed 400 infographics in 14 months.

The Solution

Tackling an engagement of this scale presented its own set of unique challenges. To achieve our goal, we strategized production to make the most of our resources by:

  • Finding the right number of people to handle such a large graphic count.
  • Developing an efficient workload and timeline that allowed for up to 55 graphics in various stages of production at any given time.
  • Streamlining our internal and external approval processes to maintain cadence and deliver fully completed assets by the desired date.

This planning gave us the infrastructure we needed to dive into the creative.

The Deliverables

  • 400 infographics
  • Brand guidelines

The Execution

With such a large volume of content, we needed to design a creative foundation to ensure all infographics remained consistent and on brand. Most importantly, they needed to be easy to replicate.

To establish the visual language, we collaborated with Course Hero and refined our first 15 infographics, which would act as the template for everything going forward. We also developed a robust style guide for quality assurance. This kept everyone on the same page and made approvals easier as we spread the bulk of the core design work among a team of ~15 trusted freelancers, as well as internal designers and producers at the helm.

Thanks to a very structured review schedule and the enthusiasm of our team, we were able to maintain consistency and cadence while keeping our team passionate about the work they were involved in.

The Results

In addition to generating traffic for Course Hero’s site, many of the graphics have earned thousands of shares and repins on Pinterest and other social sharing platforms. To date, the Pinterest board has over 37,000 followers. This has notably increased brand awareness and driven traffic to other Course Hero resources, including the accompanying study guide for each graphic.

From the Client