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Client: Lucidworks

  • Andy Wibbels,
    Director of Marketing
  • Keith Messick,
  • Francis Lukesh,
    VP of Customer Experience


  • Renee Granillo, Art Director
  • Robyn Do, Designer
  • Erin Safreno, Designer
  • Remo Bangayan, Designer
  • Josh Shook, Developer
  • Erika Imberti, Copywriter
  • Lindsay Hathaway, Editor
  • Katrina Seidel, Producer

For the past two years, we’ve partnered with Lucidworks as their content marketing agency. Lucidworks is a San Francisco, California-based enterprise search technology company offering an application development platform, commercial support, consulting, training, and value-added software for open source Apache Lucene and Apache Solr. We’ve grown our partnership with Lucidworks through infographics, e-books, and accompanying paid-outreach services. Our partnership has been a collaboration since the beginning, and we’ve helped to position Lucidworks over the years as a thought leader in their industry.

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Dark Data was the first (hopefully of many) interactive infographics with Lucidworks. The goal? Redirect the conversation from big data to dark data. The story? Enterprises are missing something in dark data. Lucidworks can help them find it.

The Data That Lies Beneath presented an opportunity to experiment on all fronts (one of our guiding principles here at C5). We experimented with narrative creation, development approaches, and even content mix. The result: an interactive experience that is both informative and a feast for the senses.


  • Pitch and execute a content marketing piece that positioned Lucidworks as a thought leader and part of the solution in realizing the value of dark data.
  • Create an educational tool for business executives, presenting a traditionally “tedious” topic in a new and enticing way.
  • Thinking about a topic that was ahead of the trend was critical to the success of this project. Because Lucidworks offers enterprise search technology, it was important to look forward and focus on future industry trends that are just now gaining traction. Dark data was the perfect fit.

Just wanted to say this is really f****** fantastic. Can't wait to see the final. Andy Wibbels, Director of Marketing, Lucidworks