NYS STOP-DWI Foundation: Public Awareness Campaign

Content Creation, Content Strategy, Distribution Strategy

The Client

The New York State STOP-DWI Foundation’s mission is to reduce the number of persons killed or injured in alcohol and other drug-related traffic crashes by promoting DWI prevention as a public priority.


Audience Targeting, Campaign Management, Campaign Planning, Creative Recommendations, Infographics, Motion Graphics, Paid Social, Reporting, Social Media Content

The Opportunity

STOP-DWI’s efforts over the past decades have been amazing—reducing impaired driving fatalities by more than 70% since the program’s inception in 1981. But with a whole new generation at the wheel, they needed a content campaign to encourage younger drivers to plan responsibly if they plan to indulge and, ideally, use the foundation’s Have a Plan app as a resource.

The Solution

Whereas these campaigns have been traditionally fear-based (think jarring colors and broken windshields), our goal was to introduce a more positive tone by focusing on the importance of acting responsibly and empowering people to take the right steps. This needed to be reflected in both our messaging and a design style that could work across multiple formats and speak to a younger audience—without appearing juvenile.

The Deliverables

  • Motion graphics
  • Infographics
  • Videos for social media
  • Printable informational brochures

The Execution

As design can drastically affect the way a story is perceived, we wanted to use every tool in our box to communicate the STOP-DWI Foundation’s message in an effective way.

To appear more approachable and avoid the scary motifs that saturate typical marketing around this type of program, we pitched a loose and sketchy illustrative style with a vibrant color palette. This aesthetic would easily translate across campaign assets, including shareable videos for social media, a practical checklist and flowchart for anyone planning to party, printed informational brochures, and a video about the program’s historical success.

For the videos, the style we used made the message even more powerful. The animation leveraged organic line work to give objects an interesting painterly effect. This helped add an unsteadiness that simulates the effects of being under the influence, while also conveying that this story is dynamic and ever-changing based on the risks and decisions that happen in such moments.

This creative approach made the content both informative and visually engaging while empowering the audience to make the right choices. Most importantly, it positioned the STOP-DWI Foundation as a helpful resource—not a scolding authority figure—across all channels.

The Distribution

To reach a wider audience beyond the Foundation’s usual approach of in-person presentations and website traffic, we amplified campaigns through paid media. Using targeted social placement for three visually appealing animated videos, we significantly expanded their reach and delivered their message to the right groups.

The Results

The content successfully resonated with the audience, leading to meaningful conversations and a significant uptick in Have a Plan app downloads. Within one month we saw:

  • 600% increase in Have a Plan app downloads
  • 24,610 video views
  • ~900 unique visitors
  • 154,462 impressions
  • $0.59 average CPC
  • 166 social engagement actions

We credit the success of this work to the trusted client relationship we’ve built with the NYS STOP-DWI Foundation. They even invited us to present the work at their 2017 statewide NYS-DWI conference, where we got to engage with the amazing people furthering this important mission.

From the Client