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Presentation Design

Using Data Visualization to Create Killer Reports: The 4-Step Crash Course

In this 4-part series, we teach you how to use data visualization to create killer reports.

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7 Tips for Using Data in Your Presentations

When it comes to giving presentations, a well-designed visual aid can help you get your point across quickly and clearly. Couple this with solid data to add objective validation to your ideas, and you’ve struck presentation gold.

Including cold, hard numbers lends credibility to your presentation—and using data visualization can make those numbers easier to understand. How? Follow these 7 tips for using data in your presentations, so you can be more effective and memorable.

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A Conversation with Drew Banks of Prezi on Creating Effective Presentations

We recently caught up with Drew Banks (@drewbanks), Head of International at presentation software company Prezi, to get his take on creating effective presentations, the future of presenting, and more. Here’s what he had to say.

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A Conversation with Krochet Kids intl. on the Inspiration, Challenges, and Triumphs of Running a Non-Profit Apparel Brand

Column Five recently helped Krochet Kids intl. produce their annual report, a unique opportunity to flex our creative muscles. Inspired by the organization’s work, we chatted with KK intl.’s CEO and Cofounder Kohl Crecelius about the creative challenges of running a non-profit apparel company that challenges traditional models of, well, everything.

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5 Brands that Nailed Their Annual Reports

Just the thought of reading a company’s annual report is enough to make most eyes go blurry, but it doesn’t have to be so. If designed well and presented in the right format, annual reports are an exceptional way to present company milestones from the previous year, as well as highlight company culture—without boring readers…

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5 Quick Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Suck

Want to disengage your audience? Here are 5 quick tips to make your PowerPoint suck.

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11 Ways to Make Over Your Presentation Design

How you present your content is as important is the content itself. Here are 11 ways to makeover your presentations for better impact.

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