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Reports & Report Design

How to Create Report Design That Reflects Your Brand Identity

Brand guidelines don’t just apply to content marketing. Here’s how to make sure your report design and copy reflect your brand’s personality.

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How to Use Data Visualization to Make Your Report Design Memorable

How do you make your report design more appealing, easier to synthesize, and more memorable? Include data visualization. Here’s how.

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7 Brands That Are Turning Everyday Reporting Into Genius Content Marketing

Out of content ideas? Find out how these clever brands are turning reporting into content that helps them connect with people while promoting their brand.

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Why Transparent Reporting Creates a Happy, Healthy Company Culture

A happy, healthy culture is the key to a successful business. Find out why good reporting makes people more engaged and more connected to each other.

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7 Report Design and Storytelling Tips to Capture (and Keep) Your Readers’ Attention

With strong storytelling and slick report design, you can create more interesting and memorable content. Follow these tips to upgrade your next report.

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3 Scientific Reasons Great Design Makes People Want to Read Your Reports

Here’s the interesting science behind why a well-designed report makes it easier for people to read—and remember—your reports.

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