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Web Design & Development

How Do Data Breaches Happen? This Microsoft Interactive Infographic Shows You

How do hackers steal company data? It’s easier than you think. This Microsoft interactive infographic walks you through the four stages of a data breach.

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Why the Ocean Inspired This Beautiful New Branding for UCI

Find out why the Ocean became the design inspiration for the new branding for UCI Applied Innovation and The Cove.

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InterMedia’s Financial Inclusion Insights Website and Data Tool

We were honored to team up with InterMedia to build a new website and robust yet simple interactive tool for filtering and comparing a wealth of their financial data. The project was a big undertaking, and we’re so proud of the final result. Read on for more details about our partnership and work. About InterMedia…

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Introducing Column Five’s First Video Game: Groove Glider

During our last office-wide Hack Day, we closed down shop for a day to work on a few C5 projects and experiment with creating some cool stuff—just because. Now we’re excited to share one of those projects with you. Check out Groove Glider, the first official Column Five video game. (Pro tip: You should turn your…

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