China’s Air Pollution Experiment

Let’s clear the air, here. China’s air pollution is far from optimal. However, they recently conducted an experiment that drastically reduced emissions. Earlier this September, China held its 70th anniversary of World War II in Beijing. In preparation of the event, the Chinese government banned 2.5 million cars during the 2 weeks leading up to the event. In those two weeks Beijing’s Air Quality Index (AQI) dropped from 160 to 17. That’s a 90% improvement!

So what’s the point? It’s not too late! We can still make changes that dramatically reduce air pollution around the world. Granted, the Chinese had to use some drastic measures, but think of what would happen if we developed environmentally friendly habits in the coming years. We decided to create this custom infographic on China’s air pollution experiment. Take a look at just how viable it is to reverse global emissions worldwide.

china's air pollution infographic