Take a Look Back With Column Five’s 10-Year Anniversary Video Reel

by Katy French

We can’t believe our agency is hitting its 10-year anniversary, but looking back on the thousands of projects we’ve done with so many awesome partners, we can see we have been pretty busy over the last decade. And although we get to create a lot of cool stuff, from infographics to interactives, we’re particularly proud of the video work we’ve done.

From commercials, to data visualizations, to motion graphics, video lets us put our creativity into hyperdrive, helping brands tell their stories in all sorts of unique ways.

Luckily, we’ve been able to collaborate with partners who are game for anything, whether it’s a ‘90s viral video for Microsoft/Internet Explorer, a Rube Goldberg machine for Nokia, some Failed VoiceAI auditions for Dialpad, or a documentary about a grandmother eager to see the Cubs win the World Series. Each project posed a unique challenge (and we learned some lessons the hard way), but they also gave us an opportunity to grow and experiment in ways we hadn’t before.

So, to celebrate 10 years of video projects, we’ve put together a fresh reel featuring some of our favorite pieces throughout the years. Whether promoting a new video game or offering a behind-the-scenes look at cancer research, these videos span a variety of industries—and we’re grateful to have had a hand in producing each and every one.

We hope you enjoy taking a look back as much as we do.

Does Your Brand Want to Explore Video?

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Or if your team is too overwhelmed and in need of a little expert help, try these tips to find and vet a video agency. (You can always hit us up, too. We’d love to chat through your project.)

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