Enjoy The (Free) Ultimate Guide to Visual Content Marketing

“Visual content” is the hot new term in content marketing. You’ve probably heard that it’s the way to engage and showcase your brand voice. It’s an effective and powerful medium. It’s a way to provide genuine value to your audience. But you may not know exactly what visual content is. (Don’t worry; we won’t call you out.)

We realize that it’s one of those things that everybody talks about but not necessarily in detail. Because we’re in the business of making things easier to understand, we thought it was time to remedy that, to answer all those basic questions you might be too scared to ask about visual content: What is it? Where does it live? What can it really do? How do I get started?

That’s why we created The Ultimate Guide to Visual Content Marketing breaks it all down as simply as possible. It’s a deep dive into the visual content landscape, from publishing to ROI, including:

Types of visual content: Visual content includes a variety of formats, many of which you may already be creating. Learn about the different types of content, their price ranges and whether they are dynamic or static.

Why visual content is effective for audiences and brands: Visual content is attractive for very specific reasons. (Hint: It’s science!) Find out why audiences gravitate toward it and how it specifically benefits your brand.

Everything you need to know about visual content

Publishing platforms: Various publishing platforms help you reach different audiences. Learn about the the fastest-growing platforms, and see what type of distribution methods can showcase your content best.

Everything you need to know about visual content

How visual content serves your marketing goals: Different content can target audiences at different stages of the path to purchase. Track how your content matches and consider where you might be able to target more.

How to get started: With the right guidance, you can create powerful visual content for your brand. Get info on how to create your content strategy, ideate and execute your content.

Measuring the ROI visual content: Measuring certain metrics can help you determine the success of your content. Learn about new and alternate metrics that can give you greater insight.

Effective visual content is crafted with intent and a solid framework; whether you’re new to the visual content game or have been producing content for a while, it’s important to have a true understanding of the visual content landscape. The Ultimate Guide to Visual Content Marketing offers insight to help you create the most effective and engaging content possible.

Take a look at the guide, and let us know what you think. We love feedback, and we also want to know what topics you’d like to learn more about. 

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