How We’re Scaling Visual Content Marketing

According to a new study by Pulse Point, the top barrier for marketers in creating more content is the “lack of resources/budget to deliver high-quality content efficiently.” We took that challenge to heart and decided to come up with a solution. Our answer? A new content marketing program called Newsroom Creative.

At the heart of this new program is our sister company, Visage. By using Visage our Column Five producers are able to create beautiful, on-brand, timely content in a fraction of the time it takes to create standard visual content, which drastically reduces production time and costs. In doing so, we’re also able to help our partners publish content that helps them stay front of mind and join in trending conversations—in a way that doesn’t have them chasing their industry or broader news cycles.

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A Column Five Producer monitors your industry buzz and works with a member of your team (don’t worry, we do all the heavy lifting) to create 1–3 pieces of branded microcontent weekly, delivered to your inbox on the days and at intervals of your choosing.

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Step 1: Microcontent delivered via email and frequency of your choice.

Next, a member of your team publishes and promotes the content on your various owned channels, such as your blog, social accounts, e-newsletter, etc. We can help here too, if you like. And it’s as simple as that.

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Step 2: Content distributed via owned channels

The really cool thing about this type of program is that it frees up time for you to focus on larger content marketing initiatives, such as videos, interactive microsites, and e-books—the types of content that are typically more associated with lead gen.

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