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Consumer Goods

Infographic: 15 Years of Entertainment

Today is the 15th anniversary of Sony PlayStation, and we had the pleasure of working with them to create a visual history of the gaming platform that led to some great Christmas gifts, such as NFL Gameday ’97 and Crash Bandicoot. This infographic was also picked up by MTV and USA Today.

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Infographic: A Chip Trip Around the World

PepsiCo’s potato chip brands generate more than $10 billion in global retail sales annually. Here’s a look into how tailoring snacks to local taste preferences around the globe has fueled the growth of one of the world’s favorite foods. Enjoy a chip trip around the world.

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Infographic: Nokia’s Worldwide Reach Pays Off

In our first infographic for Nokia we took a more traditional design approach to visualizing the data on app purchases around the world.

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Infographic: Game Change: Social Media’s Influence on the Sports World

You can spot social media’s integration into sports everywhere.These days, more fans prefer getting their sports news from Twitter and Facebook than national news websites, and they’re engaging their favorite athletes the same way. This infographic created with KT Tape explores who the biggest athletes and teams are on social media, who has the biggest…

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