Infographic – Americans’ Views On Mobile Etiquette

Mobile Etiquette According To Americans

We’ve all had that mobile etiquette situation before: You’re at Chili’s enjoying those Texas Cheese Fries, when you spot a family sitting across the aisle. No one’s talking to each other because they’re all busy scrolling through random hashtags on Instagram or watching Aunt Brenda’s snap story. Or worse: You’re at a concert with a 6’5″ dude in front of you holding up his phone the whole time because he thinks he’s going to re-watch and relive the entire concert on his phone some time in the distant future.

Phones are ruling our lives. And although mobile devices are a great piece of technology with infinite upsides, they’re also easily abused in public settings. Below we’ve visualized some data from a Pew Study on mobile etiquette. So, the next time you find yourself stalking someone on Facebook, put your phone down and just say hi instead.