New Infographic: Why LinkedIn Helps B2B Marketers Win Big

We know B2B marketing is a challenge; luckily, there’s some good news. Turns out, one social platform can help marketing efforts in a big way. Our new infographic, made in partnership with LinkedIn, explains how the platform helps B2B marketers achieve their goals. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at how we created the infographic.

A New LinkedIn Infographic

We’ve been working with the LinkedIn team since 2012, helping to produce static assets for various departments—sales, marketing, editorial, etc.—to support their lead-generation efforts. They initially came to us for our stellar design skills, and they’ve stayed. (Together we’ve created an infographic on the keys to a well-balanced blog, a visualization of Silicon Valley character connections, a native advertising e-book, and more.)

For this infographic, we wanted to show the world that LinkedIn is the social channel for B2B success in several ways. Our goal was to:

  • Prove to B2B marketers that this is the go-to platform for content marketing
  • Prove tangible results from the customers
  • Prove the tangible quality of LinkedIn members

To do this, we decided to create an infographic that clearly and intuitively showcased the data supporting this message. We initially approached this static infographic with a few creative concepts to capture the proof story. But upon team review, it became evident that a simplified approach would better accomplish the task.


With that in mind, we built the infographic in simple sections, with the intent to create divisible content for social distribution. These assets, sized for various platforms, allow the LinkedIn team to promote the graphic across channels, providing a visual teaser with a link back to the full visual narrative.

LinkedIn Infographic Social Assets

Various portions of the graphic were broken out into shareable graphic cards, resized for different social platforms.

We love any chance to visualize data and, naturally, this infographic let us flex our skills. We’re happy LinkedIn can now share their data with B2B marketers looking to increase their success.

Check out more of our project retrospectives to see how we create content, and let us know if you need any help yourself.