InterMedia’s Financial Inclusion Insights Website and Data Tool

We were honored to team up with InterMedia to build a new website and robust yet simple interactive tool for filtering and comparing a wealth of their financial data. The project was a big undertaking, and we’re so proud of the final result. Read on for more details about our partnership and work.

About InterMedia

Conceived in 2013 in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) Program was created to collect and analyze meaningful data on financial behaviors in eight countries across Africa and Asia.

Through qualitative and quantitative research, InterMedia helps identify pathways to provide financial tools (like mobile money) to help improve the economic stability of those most in need.

About the Project

One of FII’s key goals is getting data into the hands of users like policy makers and nonprofits, giving them the information they need to provide people with life-changing financial tools.

  • Project directive:
    • Develop an attractive, highly trafficked website that serves a broad range of audiences.
    • Improve access to the Financial Inclusion Insights data by designing a simple, clear, and compelling data tool that is easily navigable for people of different backgrounds and skill levels.
  • Website theme:
    • Financial inclusion is not just about getting formal financial accounts for consumers. It’s about getting them tools that can change the course of their lives.
  •  Target audiences:
    • Policy-makers, nonprofits, academics, business leaders, journalists, casual users, and other members of the financial inclusion community

About the Process

To achieve the directive, our C5 team strove to:

  • Develop a robust, interactive data tool that enables users to explore the indicators and demographic variables of financial inclusion statistics, while ensuring the results are significant and meaningful.
  • Use narrative and data to provide curated insights for each country and key topic.
  • Create a hub for information about financial inclusion—featuring current news, blog posts, and links to partner sites.
  • Deliver visually impactful messaging in every area of the site, using the central theme of changing lives through financial inclusion.

Data Tool: Points of Emphasis

  • Developed for easy use among a wide range of audiences, especially users from surveyed countries and new users (not researchers) who may not be familiar with financial inclusion
  • Designed to facilitate comparisons: seeing how things like mobile money usage compares across countries, demographics, or other metrics

What are you waiting for? Go visit the full Financial Inclusion Insights website and explore the interactive data tool for yourself.

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