Introducing the New Column Five

Welcome to the new C5

Every year, we select one theme for our agency to embrace. For 2013, we focused on “transformation.” This was a result of broadening our vision and capabilities to solve bigger problems and align with our clients as partners working toward ambitious goals that require more weapons in our arsenal than infographics alone.


Of course, the infographics for which we are known are still very dear to our hearts. As one of the first agencies to use infographics in our clients’ content marketing strategies, we played a big role in helping to popularize the medium. (In fact, we wrote a book and teach a course on it.) Yet since day one, we’ve always looked for opportunities to experiment, innovate and explore new ways to visualize information to help our clients tell their stories in the most engaging ways possible.


As part of this endeavor, we decided to rebrand Column Five as a whole. This includes Column Five proper (the agency), as well as a handful of other projects—one that’s currently in stealth mode, one that’s very much alive and a few that are still in development. Over the next calendar year, we’ll be releasing more info on this, so stay tuned.

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In addition to the rebranding, we’ve had other happenings that we’ve been working on for the past few months, and we’re eager to share them with the outside world. Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Column Five.

Our New Website

As part of our rebranding, we have completely reworked our site. Navigation is easy and intuitive, and the fluid and responsive design looks great on any device. Now, our work is front and center, without distraction or unnecessary decoration. This lets us showcase the wide variety of work we do in a new and improved way.

We’ve also added new sections to highlight the things that make our agency special. The People page showcases our wonderful team, who works hard every day to produce beautiful work in partnership with our clients.  There’s also a section dedicated to our mission statement and our “Five Columns,” which details the guiding principles of our culture and conduct. We’ve also included information on our approach to content strategy, as well as an updated client list with testimonials.

People page

The beautiful new site was concepted, designed and developed by our talented in-house team. This was something we wanted to do from the start because we wanted to make sure that each aspect of the site was “C5,” and even though it took a bit longer than anticipated, we’re very happy with the results.

Our Expanded Offerings

But the new C5 look and feel is not simply a veneer. Over the last two years, we have actively diversified our capabilities by building out a team able to take on our clients’ ever-changing needs. We have also selected clients and projects that have aligned with these goals. Many of the projects that we have been working on during this past year were rather unique, and we encourage you to take a look at our portfolio.

Child of the 90s

From software development and interactive experiences to live-action video and visual language design, our team is constantly looking to work with clients in ways that satisfy real business objectives. For instance, prior to this year, we had never developed a coffee brand, nor designed a food truck. We definitely want to do more of these types of creative work.

Usa Today

In the last year, we have also introduced our Visual Content Strategy practice, which allows our team to tailor unique, creative solutions and campaigns to any client’s specific objectives. For an overview of the types of projects we are working on these days, check out our Capabilities page.

Our Recent Growth

Over the last two years, we have also experienced tremendous growth, thanks to our great and growing partnerships with industry-leading brands. This helped us come in at No. 291 on this year’s Inc. 500 list and become the fifth fastest-growing privately owned media company in the U.S. (A link to the the article can be found here.)


Our NYC Expansion

Thanks to all that new growth, we are also expanding. During the last month, a portion of our California-based team has picked up and moved to NYC to join our existing NYC-based team and lay some formal roots in the Big Apple. As of today, the office is officially open. This new office will allow us to provide even better service to our New York-based clients, as well as recruit from one of the best, largest and most creative talent pools in the world. It will also allow our existing New York team to multiply their creative power by collaborating in person, in a new physical space.


Our Exciting Future

Despite these exciting advancements, we’re never complacent. Every day, we are working to grow our business by developing world-class work, building lasting partnerships and nurturing a culture in which our creativity can flourish. And we love coming to work each day. We’re also taking on more speaking engagements and on-site Visual Storytelling workshops (recent seminars include Sony, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, USC, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the AIGA). The goal of these educational workshops is to give companies a framework for solving important communication challenges and equip them with tools to help them make better sense of data in a world that is becoming increasingly visual.

We’ll have more to say on this topic in the future, as well. For now, thank you for visiting our new site. We hope you like what you see.

— Jason, Josh and Ross


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