Introducing Visage: Our New Visualization Platform

We believe good design should be available to everyone, not just those with the time and money to work with design agencies. So, we set out to make that happen. Now, after many late nights and many more pizzas, we’re finally ready to show you what we’ve been working on.

Say Hi to Visage

Visage is a new Web-based platform that transforms the uninspired data in your reports into beautiful, branded visualizations that make your message more impactful—and make your work look good. The easy-to-use software helps you create high-quality, professional visualizations that are accurate, effective and elegant.

Finally, we’re democratizing design.


Why We Created Visage

Over the past five years, we’ve watched brands become increasingly visual, communicating impactful messages through great design. We love that they’re doing this, but it comes at a cost. In-house design resources are often scarce, if existent at all. Frequently engaging a design agency can be expensive, especially with large volumes of content. Unfortunately, these challenges force brands to decide what content deserves good design and what doesn’t.

We believe all content deserves good design.

Yet, it’s often just out of reach for non-designers who must rely on traditional presentation software. Programs like PowerPoint are too restrictive in some areas yet too liberal in others, resulting in inconsistent and, frankly, ugly presentations.

As more communication becomes quantitative, the need to more frequently create and update beautiful data visualizations becomes greater. Doing so currently requires multiple tools, resulting in disjointed and often inaccurate representations of information.

The more we saw this struggle, the more inspired we were to find a solution. And so, we created Visage to bridge the gap between companies and good design, to give organizations an easy, efficient and economical tool that generates the good design they need in the ways they want.

Consistent, beautiful, on-brand visuals: Who doesn’t love that?

Visage Is Powerful Design in One Simple, Intuitive Interface report-charts-default

Import data and choose a template or build from scratch. 


Select visualizations from our comprehensive library.


Drag-and-drop to design.


Customize and edit fonts, images, icons and themes according to your company’s brand guidelines.

Visage_Financial_Performance_Report Visage_Web_Analytics_Report

Create beautiful reports that communicate key information.

Explore Visage at, and let us know what you think. We always want to know how we can help solve your problems—that work’s never done. The software is currently available for enterprise-level clients interested in custom implementation. You can sign up now to receive updates, as well as priority access once we release the self-serve version this summer.

Thank you to our team, our partners and everyone who helped Visage become a reality. Last week, we had the opportunity to pitch Visage at SXSW ReleaseIt, and we were honored to win the contest and have Visage named the product most likely to succeed. It has been a long and exciting road, and we are lucky to have so much support.

And now, we think it’s time to have a beer.

—The Visage Team

We would love to hear you. What tools are you currently using to put data visualizations in your reports?