How Do Data Breaches Happen? This Microsoft Interactive Infographic Shows You

For the past few years we’ve supported numerous teams at Microsoft on multiple campaigns, including the viral Child of the ‘90s spot for the Internet Explorer team, a motion graphic for the Bing team, infographics for Microsoft Social Listening, and more. But our new Microsoft interactive infographic addresses a subject every company should think more seriously about: data breaches.

The Making of a Microsoft Interactive Infographic

Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division came to us with an exciting creative challenge: Find a way to communicate with users about the importance of network security. It’s a heavy subject—and, frankly, scary to think about—so we needed to find a powerful way to explain exactly how data breaches happen and what companies can do to protect themselves. We also needed to do it in a fresh way, as the subject has been covered in many mediums, in many ways.  

To mix it up, we created an interactive infographic with a compelling story to entice users to engage with the content.


Instead of just listing plain stats about data theft, we created an interactive narrative from a hacker’s POV. This puts the viewer in a hacker’s shoes, guiding them through the four stages of a data “heist.” Each stage details how data is stolen, accompanied by supporting data visualizations to give more context to the state of network security. 

microsoft-interactive-infographic-data-02microsoft-interactive-infographic-data13 at 1.50.31 PMmicrosoft-interactive-infographic-data-03 microsoft-interactive-infographic-data12 PM

By turning the tables on the traditional narrative, the interactive infographic lets the audience see themselves as victims and spotlights their vulnerabilities, whether it’s company email attachments or social accounts. This approach effectively conveys the problem and better positions Microsoft’s solutions as the hero.

While the story was one piece of the puzzle, the design tied it all together. The site was created in conjunction with other materials to support the campaign, but it functions as its own contained experience. Thus, the visuals reflect the heist theme. As viewers scroll through, different elements animate to bring the story to life. To see the final results, scroll through the site below. And remember to keep your data safe!

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