On The Grid – The Designer’s Neighborhood Guide

Our good friends at Hyperakt asked us to be a part of their new project, On The Grid, a user-friendly guide to local communities. This project has been a huge collaboration with multiple creative agencies around the United States. The idea originally came to Hyperakt after they moved to their office in Brooklyn. They found some great new places in their local community, which they wanted to share with the rest of the world. Unlike other location curation sites like Yelp, On The Grid is specifically curated by and for creatives.

As Column Five also has an office in Brooklyn, Hyperakt asked us to curate some awesome local spots in the our area. So we started brainstorming, packed our cameras, and went out to find the best local creative spots in DUMBO. We included parks, cafes, bars, bakeries, and even flower shops that make this city such a rich and diverse place. To see our selections and dozens of other cities, visit On The Grid!

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