Online Video Stats Every Marketer Should Know

Demand for online video has increased dramatically over the last year. Marketers, practitioners, creatives, executives, and even magicians are engaging with online video in record-setting numbers. The reason is rather simple: Online video is a great content experience that works well on any device, typically distilling information down to a very clear and concise form. After all, would you rather read an article about how to make a Harry Potter-themed coffee table or watch a two-minute video with step-by-steps instructions? In a landscape where consumers are constantly inundated with content, it’s no surprise that online video is rising as a premier form of content marketing.

Being a content marketing agency, we’ve gotten to work on multiple motion graphics and live-action video projects. To this day, they’re some of our most popular and most shared pieces of content. There are definitely best practices for creating online videos, but ensuring that this engaging content format is a part of your marketing mix is the first step toward success. To drive home this point, we’ve created the gifographic below to showcase some of the best online video stats that we’ve read. Take a look below, and feel free to share with the masses!

Online Video Infographic