What we do

We help brands by taking the tall order of finding and telling their best stories, and making it simple, easier to manage, and dare we say, enjoyable.

And, "how do we do it?" might you ask.

We combine strategy, with a dedicated creative team, and a custom-made plan and process for creating and sharing great content with the people you’re trying to reach.

By operating as an extension of your team, we focus on creating high-quality, consistent, and on-brand content, and scale our efforts based on your business needs.

This approach helps to consolidate your efforts, and reduce the number of agencies and freelancers you need to work with, so you can spend less time managing your content people and projects and more time doing important, strategic, and forward-looking work.


From brand strategy and naming, to building a full-blown content operation, and everything in-between, we help brands take finding and telling their best stories seriously.


Our multi-disciplinary (and multi-talented) creative team gets their hands dirty making anything from infographics and interactive experiences to animations and full-length videos.


We help you get the right eyeballs on your stories at the right time. Then we measure and analyze our efforts to determine what went well, and what we can improve on, so the work we do together is always getting better.

Step one


This starts with listening. We gain an understanding of your brand and content strategy: who you are, who you’re trying to reach, what you’re trying to accomplish, and why. And if your strategy is missing anything, we can help shore that up, too.

Step two


Next, we (us and you) put our heads together and develop a refined plan for creating and distributing your content going forward, as well as a plan for how we’ll measure success.

Step three


Your dedicated C5 creative team then works together to create on-brand, on-budget, and on-schedule content with input and feedback from you and a handful of your favorite coworkers.

Step Four


Once published, we help get the right eyes on your content.

Step five


We’ll regularly report on how your content is performing, and debrief on our shared experience to determine what went well and what could be improved. This enables us to keep improving.