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6 Infographic Design Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Brands are realizing the importance of visual content to their content marketing initiatives. Under the visual content umbrella, infographics are a major talking point for brands, publishers, and third-party content hubs. Like all visual content, infographics have the ability to make complex information more comprehensible and engaging for people. That is, if the infographic is…

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Halloween Infographic – Most Popular Costumes By Year

The weather is changing, pumpkin-spiced everything is available at Starbucks, and your local grocery store already has Christmas decorations out: It must be Halloween! We teamed up with the great people at PopSugar to create this Halloween infographic on the most popular costumes over the last 20 years. So put away your toothbrush and cancel…

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HIMYM: The Mother of All Comedic Storytelling

The much-anticipated HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) finale had fans on their seat. Here, we break down the series’ major plot points.

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Developing a Visual Language: USA Today’s Graphics Rebranded

Column Five was lucky to partner with USA Today to refresh the newspaper’s visual language. Check out the results.

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