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presentation design

The 11 Don’ts of Presentation Design

Presentations are tricky. Whether it’s a deck for online readers or slides to help guide a live speech, presentation design can stir up a lot of doubts. Is this enough? Is it too much? Does this look right? Does it make sense? Am I asking too many questions? Relax. Presentations can feel universally threatening to…

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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Presentation Design Agency

The right partner will help you make the best presentation. Here are 6 questions to ask on the hunt for a presentation design agency.

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Work of the Week – Presentation Design

We’re highlighting a variety of presentation designs that we had the pleasure of producing with some really great companies. Although we’re a bit more known in some circles for our more editorial, viral, or top-of-funnel content, a good percentage of our work includes more mid-funnel content types such as whitepapers, e-books, and presentations. Check out…

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7 Tips for Using Data in Your Presentations

When it comes to giving presentations, a well-designed visual aid can help you get your point across quickly and clearly. Couple this with solid data to add objective validation to your ideas, and you’ve struck presentation gold.

Including cold, hard numbers lends credibility to your presentation—and using data visualization can make those numbers easier to understand. How? Follow these 7 tips for using data in your presentations, so you can be more effective and memorable.

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