The Technical Side of Humans Marketing to Other Humans


Tension between technological advancement and human connection is nothing new. As technology grows and develops, we often start to lose sight of the human element. Stories, emotion, and relationships can easily get lost in the quest for technological greatness.

This is particularly true in the marketing world. The internet is a great example of how unaware some brands are when it comes to the relationship between technology and humanity. No one likes being inundated with irrelevant banner ads on articles or pre-roll ads on videos. People aren’t machines. We want to connect with each other through stories and emotions, not wires and gadgets. That’s why campaigns driven by compelling and personalized content have received wide audience praise and response—we want a balance between new technologies and personal connections.

Tech advancements like wearables, virtual reality, and interactive content are fascinating from a format perspective. But if brands want to use them to reach audiences, they’ll need to think about how they can best help convey meaningful human stories.

People are driven by the relatability in storytelling. We crave stories, but we also strive to create and use new technology. These tools are meant to help us connect, but in order to achieve this, we must continue to keep story at technology’s core.

How can we do that? Check out this interactive e-book, made with our friends at Ceros, to learn about the latest technology guiding the evolution of content marketing and to see brands in action using these tools to bridge compelling connect with their audiences.