Visage 3.0 is Here!

For the last few months, our sister company, Visage has been heads-down building an entirely new content creation experience. We’re calling it Visage 3.0, and we’re finally ready to show it to you. We’ve had a pretty good time making it, but this is the really fun part for us: getting to show it off:


Why did we create a whole new experience? flexibility.

We originally built Visage with certain design parameters to make creating content simple.  But, sometimes those constraints were getting in the way of you creating awesome content. We wanted to change that for you. 

So what does this new version of the product entail? You definitely need to use it to understand fully, here are some of the highlights: 

Fully Free-form Editing


You can move content (text, images, charts, etc.) anywhere you like on the canvas. Each of those objects can be edited individually with its own unique toolbar. Even the canvas itself can be resized to whatever dimensions you need for social, your blog or newsletter. And this is just a start…

Content Integrations with Very Cool Partners


We’ve integrated The Noun Project, giving you access to over 150,000 icons from top designers around the world. We’ve also integrated Unsplash stock photos, providing thousands of beautiful images to use in your graphics – all royalty free. Our designers have loved using each of these products independently, so naturally, we’re stoked to give you access to them directly within the app. Their libraries are curated beautifully, and growing constantly. Radical? Radical.

Team Collaboration


Creating good marketing content often takes a village. You can now share graphics with your team, so they can review or edit further. You can also set any graphic you create as a template for your team to use as a starting point for future content.

All New Templates


We’ve designed a whole new set of templates! Much like Donald Trump’s hair, they’re beautiful, flexible, and optimized for social media. Did we mention they were beautiful like Donald Trump’s hair

New Brand Style Pages


We’ve also revamped the brand style manager to take advantage of all the options in Visage 3.0. You can now add brand color sets with up to 15 colors and entire font families with up to 18 styles and weights.

The fastest way to jump in and try this new experience is through the Visage 3.0 Templates link when you log in. If you’ve never created a team template of your own, you’ll just see these by default.

Try Visage 3.0 now.

We’re incredibly excited to get this in your hands. As always, our team is available to chat in-app, should you have any questions: