Work of the Week: The Rover, D-Day and More

We love the creative process, but it feels pretty damn good to wrap a project and share it with the world. Each week, we share a few pieces that we’ve created with our partners to show what we’ve been up to lately (and maybe prove that we don’t just play ping-pong all day). Check out this Work of the Week, and if you want to see more, check out our portfolio.

The Rover (Web Design & Development)

We partnered with A24 Films to create visual content for the new critically acclaimed movie, The Rover. We developed the official site, a parallax website that includes two interactive experiences to give viewers more context about the movie’s time and place. We also created the film’s social campaign, featuring a variety of static content.

Work of the Week: Rover

The Rover 3    The rover 1   The Rover 4

D-Day by the Numbers (Infographic)

The Invasion of Normandy was the largest amphibious invasion in history—an amazing military feat. We partnered with History to create this infographic, which breaks down D-Day in detail.

Work of the Week: D-Day

Trending Content (Interactive)

We partnered with LinkedIn to help visualize their top trending articles to get greater insight into what content different audiences prefer. The interactive allows you to explore articles trending by audience, topic and volume of shares.

Work of the Week: Trending

Acquisition Addiction (Infographic)

Facebook has spent $22 billion on acquisitions since 2004—a serious chunk of change. This infographic, made in partnership with Marketo, shows you what that much money could buy you.

Facebook Acquisition Addiction Infographic

What Defines a STEM School? (Interactive)

STEM schools are high schools with a curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We partnered with the University of Chicago to create this interactive, which explores the research findings of Outlier’s STEM School Study.

STEM Interactive

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