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Who We Are

Column Five is a visual communication studio and the oldest of three brands in our larger ecosystem, which includes Visual News (a publication that curates the Internet’s best visualizations) and Visage (a design tool we built to empower non-designers to create beautiful and original visual content).

How We Work

Our Mission & Values

We do good work with good people. Through trusting partnerships, we build and distribute powerful visual content that educates, engages and inspires.

Five Columns

Do Good Work

We achieve success with our partners by working together to creatively solve complex challenges within any parameters.

Five Columns

Value Our Partners

We always work in their best interest because they enable us to do what we love each day.

Five Columns

Be Good to Each Other

We thrive in an environment built on transparency and mutual respect, constructively challenging each other to grow.

Five Columns

Be Humble

We can always improve.

Five Columns

Experiment Often

Try new things. Test. Fail. Tweak. Learn.

Our People

In 2008, Ross Crooks, Jason Lankow and Josh Ritchie founded Column Five in a now-defunct cafe in Costa Mesa, Calif. Today, our team consists of more than 40 intelligent, diverse and creative individuals who come together each day to produce beautiful and results-driven creative work.

From the jungles of the Congo to the mean streets of Philly, they are sailors, philosophers, karaoke masters, professional gamers, nomads, DJs, authors, yogis, culinary artisans, sneakerheads, former anthropologists and future astronauts.