Building a Paid Media Strategy That Surpassed Goals by 30%

Distribution Strategy

Bloomreach came to us for their first-ever brand campaign to build brand equity.

Bloomreach is a platform that personalizes the e-commerce experience. In order to scale, they asked us to create a multi-channel paid media strategy to increase brand awareness with new audiences. It was an ambitious task, but we were excited to help them maximize their spend across platforms.

Segmentation and testing created the winning mix.

Although the theme of Bloomreach’s campaign was “Be Limitless,” to deliver that message to their e-commerce audiences, we focused on specificity. By using geofencing, historic data, and targeted job titles, we segmented the exact audiences they wanted to reach and partnered with specialized vendors to deploy the campaign across a multi-channel buy (including digital channels, connected TV, programmatic channels, podcasts, and more). Best of all, through a test-and-learn approach, we were able to improve results in real-time.

As partners, we improved more than their reach. 

We also set up new workstreams to keep our teams connected, improve collaboration, and deliver creative recommendations to increase future success. As this was Bloomreach’s first large-scale campaign, this effort helped us guide them through each step and build scalable workflows with one another.

This approach helped us surpass Bloomreach's goals in a big way.

Thanks to this hyperfocused strategy across multiple channels, we increased crucial metrics across the board.

  • 10% of target account list moved from ‘unaware’ to ‘aware’
  • 13M impressions (beating campaign goal)
  • $10 average CPM
  • 429K completed audio listens at an average cost of $0.03 (vs. national average $.02 – $.05)

For their first campaign ever, we’re happy to say Bloomreach made the big splash they needed to build brand awareness.

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