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Creating Study Guides for 600 Classic Novels

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Books summarized in internet graphics: Just the way Faulkner dreamed it up.

Course Hero is an online learning platform that helps students access course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators. To help their audience learn more effectively, they asked us to translate the complex material of classic novels into easy-to-digest study guides. The real question was one of scale: Could we create 600 infographic study guides for famous novels over the course of 3 years? The answer was yes.

Before we can trust the process, we must *build* the process.

To produce such a large volume of content (and ensure the infographics remained on brand), we started by establishing a visual language and style guide to ensure quality and consistency. From there, we aligned a core team of creators to a structured review and approval process to keep everyone on the same page and maintain cadence. With this creation strategy, we did indeed produce more than 600 infographics, helping the brand provide a much-needed resource to its student audience.

Thousands of graphics amassed thousands of fans.

In addition to generating traffic for Course Hero’s site, the graphics have earned thousands of shares and repins, helping the brand get nearly 40,000 followers on Pinterest (among other social sharing platforms). The infographic reigns once again as a visual medium for learning comprehension and online engagement.

"Column Five has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We love the team, and it always amazes me how they can take our rough concepts and bring them to life visually. They have created some amazing content that has helped engage our users and grow our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship!"

Andrew Nesbit, Vice President, Marketing and Partnerships

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