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DialPad launched two new product features that needed a voice.

Dialpad is a communication software solution that allows organizations of all sizes to host their phone system, contact center, and conferencing needs in the cloud. In anticipation of their new VoiceAI product launch, we came on board to create a brand strategy, content strategy, and supporting content that would increase awareness and effectively communicate the product benefits.

Our brand storytelling approach spanned from Brand Heart to Brand Campaign.

We started with a brand strategy refresh to articulate and clarify Dialpad’s Brand Heart (purpose, vision, mission, values) and personas. With this aligned foundation, we crafted key messaging to help Dialpad deliver a consistent story across touchpoints, centering on the tagline “Make Smarter Calls.” To lead Dialpad’s content campaigns, we pitched and created two humorous videos spoofing the challenges of calls and highlighting the product’s unique benefits: note-taking during meetings and automating voice communications. This approach made the brand more engaging and relatable, allowing Dialpad to showcase both its personality and product in one entertaining package.

Experimenting with a more lighthearted campaign proved fruitful.

Both videos garnered fans around the Internet with 300,000+ video views. (Both were also named Webby Awards honorees in the “Branded Entertainment Scripted” category in back-to-back years: 2019 and 2020.) Best of all, our established brand strategy and messaging framework continues to empower the Dialpad team to craft a variety of content, from video to infographics, that is on-brand and aligned with the brand’s larger story.

"I can always count on the team from Column Five to come up with great ideas. Working on these videos together proved no exception. I love what we came up with together. From the initial ideas through execution, the process was great—collaborative, fun, and with both people from both sides constantly pushing the group to make the end product better. I’m really proud of how these videos turned out."

Keith Messick

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