Bridging Digital to Physical Through Brand Development

Brand Strategy, Content Creation

For Digiphy, the end goals were to clariphy and simpliphy.

Digiphy is a contextual marketing and commerce platform that lets you build and manage contextual pages, QR codes, and third-party marketing plug-ins. Having recently renamed the brand and shifted their offering, they were in need of a fresh brand identity, including heart, messaging, and visual components, to effectively communicate what makes Digiphy special.

Our brand development work explored how Digiphy’s product bridges digital to physical.

To help Digiphy eloquently and succinctly express their brand story (both visually and verbally), we used our proprietary framework to identify their brand heart, including purpose, vision, mission, and values. Through this process, Digiphy realized that their brand heart was more expansive than simply equipping their clients with innovative product marketing tools; they are actually providing a transformative experience for their customers’ clients by turning physical moments into dynamic digital brand storytelling experiences. This sentiment became the driving force behind our brand work.

We equipped the startup with strong, market-ready messaging.

Digiphy already had a strong tagline (“Go beyond the label”) but lacked supporting brand story pillars to define what that sentiment actually meant and how it delivered value to clients. To flesh this out, we crafted a full brand messaging matrix, creating three distinct storytelling pillars to guide their marketing: Elevated Storytelling, Contextual Connections, and Direct Customer Engagement. This provided much-needed clarity about the value Digiphy provides while giving the brand a strong foundation to activate future campaigns.

Bringing the brand to life was a collaborative process.  

Our goal was to create a clean, cohesive, and flexible identity to help Digiphy tell their story across channels. To do this, we iterated many logo versions, ultimately settling on a simple arrow pointing up to convey the idea of elevated storytelling. To equip the visual system for all channel use-cases, we designed clean and simple brand elements, curated a contrasting color palette that is both energetic and expressive, and chose the approachable and charismatic font Mont.

"We loved working with our team at C5. The process was collaborative and inspiring. They helped us uncover and communicate the true essence of our brand, values, and mission. We thoroughly enjoyed our team and always looked forward to our brainstorming sessions.”

Sarah Wagman Ellenbogen
Founder & CEO, Digiphy

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