Transforming Data Into a Lead-Generating Interactive

Content Creation

How do you turn dull data into a slick piece of storytelling?

Directive is a customer generation agency for tech brands. To position the company as a thought leader in the SaaS space, the team asked us to turn their proprietary data into a comprehensive report about which paid media platforms bring the highest ROI. With over a decade of data storytelling expertise, we were eager to dig in and create the perfect piece of lead-generating content for the team.

After assessing their content and goals, we recommended a different approach. 

Although Directive originally envisioned a static PDF report, we realized they had a more exciting opportunity to translate their data story into a sleek, streamlined interactive. This hero asset would give their audience a unique and engaging entry point into the story. And for those users who wanted a more comprehensive look at the data, we’d also provide a downloadable PDF appendix. Best of all, this approach would allow Directive to track traffic, downloads, and other valuable metrics to see which pieces of content were most impactful for their audience.

We blended data storytelling with eye-catching design to grab attention.

The biggest challenge was translating a large volume of data into a compelling narrative, so we worked to extract the most relevant insights to shape the right story. We also wanted to infuse the report with a modern and dynamic design by layering colorful gradients, photography, and animation to enhance the user experience.

With the end product, Directive could share their expertise in the most effective way. 

By upgrading a simple PDF to an eye-catching interactive, Directive created a lead-generating piece to plant their flag in the SaaS space and outshine larger competitors. 

“It’s been a transformative journey working with Column Five to visualize our $150M worth of ad spend data and bring that story to life. Their thoughtfulness and innovation in every aspect of the project were evident, making them an invaluable partner in our growth. We highly recommend Column Five for their outstanding work and strategic insights.”

Derek Gerber
VP of Growth

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