Telluride Arts

Driving Donations with an Eye-Catching Annual Impact Report

Content Creation

Telluride Arts needed a small mailer to make a big impact. 

Telluride Arts is a local council dedicated to advancing the culture of the arts through community collaborations. Their work is expansive and vital to the city, and they were eager to tell that story in their annual impact report. The challenge? They needed to do it in a short, concise mailer.

We shaped the story around their most meaningful moments.

Due to space constraints, we needed to curate the most compelling and relevant highlights to inspire their audience (including residents and seasonal tourists) to donate. To emphasize the many ways the council’s work is integral to the community, we shaped a holistic story that touched on everything from historic preservations to significant economic contributions.

Our eye-catching design blended new and old. 

As a nod to the council’s over 50-year history, we combined black-and-white modern photography and archival images to create a vintage vibe—punctuated by a playful neon pink to reflect Telluride Arts’ creative personality. This duotone approach allowed us to make use of their existing assets while adding a fresh, bold aesthetic that would stand out in a mailbox. 

Good storytelling translates to more cash.

Telluride Arts’ annual impact report helped generate much-needed donations, but the story didn’t end there. With a fresh aesthetic and new design assets, their team continues to create eye-catching content to showcase their work and engage their audience.

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