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Dropbox tasked us with creating a long-term strategy to attract top tech talent away from giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. We unearthed key research-based insights and created a new messaging platform (including five messaging pillars), centered on the narrative “We believe the world can work better.” We have been an extension of their team for the better part of a decade—overseeing all content on the jobs site, social platforms, Dropbox site, and Medium—in a relationship that has seen tremendous business results for their recruiting.

An enduring strategic framework started with thinking *inside* the box

Our work with Dropbox began with a research phase to gather perspectives from nearly 400 employees, candidates, and alumni through various research sources, including social listening data, netnography, and external research to understand what attracted candidates to Dropbox and what retained employees over time.

Through this process, we got to the heart of what differentiated Dropbox from its competitors, highlighted by a mission-driven culture of autonomy, flexibility, and diversity at a “Goldilocks-sized” company. From this platform of insights, we developed the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and its five pillars, which together unite Dropboxers under a core belief and serve as the foundation for all of our content messaging.

A scaled Talent Brand. A potent recruiting machine.

Our Dropbox relationship has spanned across a wide variety of work, including branding, web design & development, video, motion graphics, social content, and more. Through this work we helped build a unified Dropbox Talent Brand, delivering campaigns and experiences that moved the needle for the company’s recruiting practice.

Our impact was clear: applicants found our content compelling enough to take the time to apply for a job at Dropbox.


Increase in brand perception


Best Place to Work Remote (according to CBS News)


Glassdoor rating (up from 3.7)

2:32 min

Average session duration on the jobs site

“Column Five has been super innovative in their suggestions to us. They really understand how to properly tell a story and plan for a brand. I couldn’t imagine doing this job without them.”

Mariama Eghan
Head of Global Talent Brand

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