Making it Personal: Getting to Dropbox

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To build on our enduring Talent Brand strategy, we needed to make it personal.

To continue amplifying the Dropbox Talent Brand, we were in search of new ways to introduce the brand to potential employees, attract recruits, and connect with their community. Our initial messaging strategy had established core tenets of the brand, which included Dropbox’s differentiating flexibility, autonomy and diversity. This gave us a great opportunity to tell unique and interesting stories about the type of employer they are—and how Dropbox hires can find fulfillment in working there.

A glimpse inside the life of a Dropboxer.

Any employer can say how great they are, but it’s much more meaningful to hear from the people who really work there. To offer an honest and authentic look at #LifeInsideDropbox, we created Getting to Dropbox, a series of videos that featured employees around the world: Austin, Paris, and San Francisco.. Each Dropboxer took us along for their daily commute, telling the stories of their careers journey prior to Dropbox and sharing what they appreciate about working there. By giving the audience a first-hand look at life behind the company’s walls, the series humanizes the brand and inspires viewers to become a part of that brand story.

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