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A Game-Changing Social Strategy Increases Engagement 77%

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How do you grab a younger audience’s attention? Create a flashy feed.

Happy Money is a personal loan company that empowers people to take control of their finances. To raise awareness and engage their Millennial audience, they needed to revamp their Instagram presence with a fresh social strategy. As traditional finance content can be stiff and dry, Happy Money challenged us to transform their presence with a beautiful, cohesive feed full of scroll-stopping content.

To fill the feed, we maximized content and created interesting entry points.

Happy Money is all about empowering their audience to achieve more financial freedom. To tell a cohesive brand story, we built their strategy around three buckets: financial education, wellness, and mental health. This helped us curate the right mix of engaging and relevant content, including everything from expert tips and trends to user stories and entertaining series like “If Your CC Could Text.” Our goal was to maximize output and maintain consistency, so we crafted a monthly editorial calendar to streamline production and batch content effectively.

Bold and bright branding pushed the envelope.  

To make Happy Money’s feed a feast for the eyes, we turned up the volume on their existing visual language. With a nearly neon palette, we aimed to make their content instantly recognizable in the feed, especially compared to other less-than-exciting financial brands. And to infuse a sense of youthful playfulness, we also incorporated animated GIFs—something Happy Money had never experimented with. Most importantly, pre-designed templates made it easier for the team to create new content, helping them maintain that steady cadence with less effort.

This strategy helped Happy Money achieve their biggest goal: engagement. 

By blending high-value content with eye-catching visuals, we were able to get more eyes on Happy Money’s social accounts and, most importantly, more engagement. In fact, although we built our strategy around Instagram, by cross-posting content on both Instagram and Facebook, they saw engagement rates jump significantly. 

  • 77% increase in Facebook engagement 
  • 52% increase in Instagram engagement 

Now the Happy Money team has both the vision and tools they need to grow their channels and audience. 

"Our partnership with C5 was the first time Happy Money was open to outside help with our organic social content strategy and design. They felt like an extension of our team. New content themes, repeatable segments, and aligned strategy with our PR and paid social teams meant we could all work as a united front. It was a joy to work with them."

David Garvin
Creative Director, Happy Money

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