Making Financial Compliance Sexy

Content Creation

Hummingbird needed to tell their modern story to a behind-the-times audience.

Hummingbird is a financial compliance platform that combines customer knowledge, case management, investigations, and regulatory reporting into a single platform. Their cutting-edge tech revolutionizes financial compliance, but Hummingbird was struggling to communicate that story to an audience that still does most work manually. We stepped in to create a sleek, compelling explainer video to educate viewers and generate excitement about the product.

It was time to stand out in a sea of generic FinTech. 

Our storytelling challenge was two-fold. First, we needed to build suspense and tell an exciting story about what Hummingbird’s tech does to fight financial crime. Second, we needed to do it in a modern way to both differentiate from the competition and position the brand as a unique, forward-thinking company. To do this, we shaped a human-centric story around a tech-led solution.


Visual storytelling added energy and urgency. 

Sleek design is integral to Hummingbird’s DNA. Because so much FinTech marketing relies on numbers and abstract visuals, we made the brand stand out with a mixed media mosaic approach (inspired by their existing brand). This combined illustration, photography, and animation to create dynamic energy, allowing us to spotlight the product’s crime-fighting capability and emphasize how it streamlines the user experience.

A single piece of storytelling now supports a growing content strategy. 

The video is now a core tool to help the Hummingbird sales team communicate the product in a quick and efficient way. Additionally, as we designed custom assets to expand their visual identity, it also empowers the team to create even more content to tell Hummingbird’s story across channels.

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