Increasing Site Traffic 183%

Content Strategy

Blend needed the right SEO strategy to reach their audience.  

Blend is a FinTech company in the mortgage and consumer banking space. Back in 2019, they approached us to help kickstart their SEO strategy, scale their content, and plant their flag as industry experts. As they hadn’t put muscle into their SEO before, we were starting from square one—but we had a plan.

Our surefire approach: use topic clusters to establish authority.

To create a healthy and high-ranking content ecosystem, we took a two-pronged approach: optimizing core site pages for traffic and creating fresh content to increase Blend’s reach. We started with heavy keyword research to build out a topic cluster framework that spoke to Blend’s core audience. With this template, we collaborated with the Blend team to establish an efficient workflow and regular publishing cadence, allowing us to scale and create a steady stream of quality content to support our SEO goals.

Iteration helped strengthen the strategy month by month.

As SEO is an ever-evolving space, we delivered regular reporting to track rankings, identify organic traffic engagement trends, and make tactical tweaks. We also provided a technical audit with action items to ensure Blend could optimize their site performance while content was produced. After 8 framework iterations and 100+ blog articles, our strategy has measured incredible improvements.

With this savvy strategy, Blend blasted straight to Page 1. 

Having started from scratch, we’ve seen massive gains across key metrics.

  • 183% increase in site traffic
  • 50+ unbranded, priority keywords ranking Page 1 
  • 533+ total keywords ranking Page 1
  • 13.89% site visibility (up from 1.82%)
  • 18% increase in YoY session duration for editorial content
For Blend, this work has laid a crucial foundation.

After implementing their initial strategy, we’ve continued to ideate and create fresh concepts across journey stages, audiences, and formats to support Blend’s long-term growth.

“We would have been completely satisfied if we had only received strong strategic guidance, an actionable SEO framework, and organic traffic results that speak for themselves. In addition, we also gained a passionate and compassionate set of new teammates committed to our success. The difference between a run-of-the-mill SEO vendor transaction and a C5 partnership couldn’t be any more stark.”

Greg Babel
Lead - Brand, Editorial, and Advocacy, Blend

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