Supporting Instacart’s Critical B2B Revenue Streams

Content Creation, Content Strategy

The Challenge

In 2022, Instacart was looking for a partner to scale the B2B side of their business—specifically to promote their burgeoning advertising product portfolio and the ways their online and in-store technology supports ambitious retailers looking to scale. They saw Column Five as the perfect fit, and after two weeks of intensive onboarding, we dove into our partnership to build out content strategy, SEO strategy, editorial content, and design with the Instacart Ads and Platform teams.

Our Approach

With a partnership built on trust, kindness, and candor, we not only began working on the Instacart projects assigned to us but quickly identified opportunities to create even more impact for the brand

Improving SEO with the Right Strategy

After presenting a content and SEO strategy for Instacart Platform, we recommended a steady stream of quality blog content to improve their keyword rankings. Since 2022, this has contributed to an average ranking increase of 29 spots. 

Designing Instacart Ads Academy

As the Instacart Ads marketing team worked to build a self-serve learning platform where partners could get certified in ads basics, we partnered with the team to create an interactive and beautifully designed curriculum within the learning management system (LMS).

Helping Grow Ad Revenue through Data Storytelling at Key Moments

The Instacart Ad sales team identified key holidays throughout the year as opportunities to increase their brand partners’ sales by advertising key products during that time. After analyzing existing sales materials, we reimagined how the sales team could use data to highlight insights more effectively. With this improvement, the 5-point scale sales efficacy rating jumped from a 3.8 to a 4.2.

“I didn’t know that content could be this good. I can't sing higher praises about any agency I've worked with at Instacart or anywhere previously. They are the gold standard for being an extension of our team.”

Amanda Smith
B2B Marketing Manager

The Results

In the first 18 months of working together, we’ve partnered on over 200 projects across 7 teams at Instacart, providing content for the B2B team that has stretched far beyond their initial use cases. We’ve seen our work show up in the consumer app, across the sales team, and have even been told our slides were used by the CEO in a company-wide presentation.

Since our relationship began, Instacart has also achieved a major milestone by going public in September of 2023. We’re thrilled to contribute to their ongoing success while enjoying the ride alongside such a fun, thoughtful, and kind group of people.

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