An End-of-Year Campaign to Top Them All

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How do we commemorate a year like no other?

In 2020, after a remarkably eventful year, Netflix wanted to create a year-in-review campaign to honor the range of emotions we all experienced. Adding to the difficulty, the brief asked us to recap this strangest-of-years in a celebratory way. Having turned to their content ourselves for moments of joy during quarantine, we were eager to help the brand connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

The content we escaped to told a story of resilience and courage.

For the hero video of the campaign, we chose to showcase Netflix’s content successes as a story of resilience. In a turbulent time, their content helped us bond, learn, grow, and shape culture. (For example, did you know chess set sales went up 215% after The Queen’s Gambit aired?) To expand the campaign’s reach across the U.S., we created additional marketing assets for different platforms. And to scale the campaign globally (while keeping both the visuals and narrative consistent), we created a toolkit that empowered creators in 20+ markets to create and promote localized assets.

This approach paid off, making a splash across platforms.

After release, the video garnered 480,000+ views* across platforms, and campaign assets like our emoji mood wheel were covered by both People magazine and Deadline.

*As of January 2022

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Increasing Site Traffic 183%