SpeakUp Now

Creating A Bold & Bright Brand for a Culture-Centric Company

Brand Strategy

SpeakUp Now was ready to make a splash in the market. 

SpeakUp Now is an AI-driven SaaS solution that empowers organizations and businesses to effortlessly cultivate a top-tier culture by encouraging candid workplace conversations. To start their own conversations with customers, however, they needed a thoughtful brand strategy, including brand heart, messaging, and identity, that told the right story. 

To tell a standout brand story, we dove into the research.

To help SpeakUp Now differentiate themselves in the HR market, we started with a detailed competitive analysis to identify their strengths and strongest positioning. With this clarity, we could better shape their brand heart (purpose, vision, mission, values), personality, and core messaging (including value prop and story pillars) to align with their goals. This strategic messaging work gave us the foundation needed to bring the brand to life visually.

We crafted a visual identity that put people and purpose first.

As SpeakUp Now’s platform is all about cultivating a strong and inclusive work culture, we wanted to infuse the brand with a bright, cheerful, and inviting aesthetic. Starting with a logo that communicates the brand’s story at a glance, we expanded the visual language with an eye-catching rainbow of hues, icons, and a flexible illustration style that makes it easy to depict a diverse range of people.

SpeakUp Now’s new brand tells a fresh story. 

With a suite of perfectly crafted messaging tools and a visual identity anchored around the joy and vibrancy of working communities, SpeakUp now has a beautiful brand to start exciting conversations across a wide range of channels.

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