Teach for America

Eclipsing Paid Media Goals by 124%

Content Strategy, Distribution Strategy

The Mission: Get teachers into classrooms.

Teach for America is an organization on the frontlines of achieving educational equity. Recruiting capable teachers is a huge part of the organization’s success, but after falling short of their recruitment goals for seven years, they were eager to uplevel their paid media outreach strategy. TFA specifically tapped us for our ability to reach niche audiences in media targeting. With the opportunity to contribute to educational equity on the table, we instantly connected with the TFA team and their unique challenge.

A test-led approach helped us identify ROI and lean into what worked.

After reviewing previous campaign results, audience analysis based on past performance, media vendor information, and TFA historical application data, we crafted a paid media strategy optimized for learning and iteration. Through this flexible system, we could effectively test, improve, and increase the efficacy of every campaign to maximize the results of the complete $1.2 million spend.

By actively and responsibly shifting budget to our best-performing media channels/tactics each month, we ensured no budget was wasted, the team gained valuable insights to inform future campaigns, and every effort delivered notable ROI.

We found quality candidates across a number of channels.

Our campaigns reached across a spread of channels, including job postings on AppCast, Indeed, and LinkedIn, as well as search marketing, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. We also delivered creative across programmatic digital ad networks.

Click-throughs weren’t the only market feedback for us to heed—this was, after all, a lead-generation effort. Candidates who apply face a tough vetting process, so we listened to the interview teams and adjusted to improve candidate quality across campaigns.

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