Developing a Credible Web3 Fintech Brand

Brand Strategy, Content Creation

Can a rebrand help make crypto investing more accessible?

ThorFi is a Fintech brand that helps people easily diversify into the often intimidating world of crypto space investments. Like the web3 industry around it, the rapidly growing company was looking to establish a stronger brand to stand out in their market and better connect with their audience. To help them win, we embarked on a deep analysis of ThorFi’s brand and market contexts in order to locate the biggest opportunities for ThorFi to differentiate and plant their flag.

We rallied behind a goal to DeFi the laws of income.

We asserted that the ideal ThorFi brand should be modern, clever, future-forward, and stylish. To deliver this vision, we crafted a brand suite suggestive of the bold path ahead—one that offers freedom, individuality, and the invigoration of unpredictability. The new brand visuals signal an imposing industry that has pathways available for those curious to access it. To activate the rebrand, we created a go-to-market strategy that educated brand creators and empowered the internal team to shake up the web3 fintech market.

Minting the path forward with splashy video assets.

We produced two epic and ethereal brand launch assets to showcase the fresh look across ThorFi’s core channels. By creating this cinematic aura around the brand, we put the fintech world on notice: the ThorFi hype is worth believing.

"This is one of the best partnerships our team could’ve made. We have loved working with you guys.”

Arin Meserkhani
Chief Operating Officer at ThorFi

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