Turning Heads with a NSFW Campaign

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What does it look like to create a "consumer-like" B2B campaign?

Unbabel is building a Language Operations platform that helps every team across a company easily interact with customers in any language. The brand has created the first ever “Language Operations” tool, a category they were seeking to establish and lead across global businesses. To help educate small businesses about Language Operations and why it’s the ticket to global reach, Unbabel approached us to execute a bold and edgy campaign. The original creative brief, in fact, specified wanting to take an emotive, splashy, consumer-campaign-style approach.

You're cordially invited to STFU.

To make a splash, we wanted to do something risky—both from a visual and narrative standpoint. So we built a fresh campaign with 4 provocative letters: STFU. Whereas that phrase is usually NSFW (traditionally standing for Shut the F*** Up), we reimagined its meaning, encouraging people to Start Translating Fearlessly with Unbabel. With this bold phrase, we were able to communicate the key benefits of Unbabel while engaging the audience in an entertaining and non-traditional way, including a hero videoeBook, blog articles, social media content, the eye-catching interactive game Unbabel It, and a custom swag box that encouraged people to “STFU and Relax.”

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