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Deloitte Digital Democracy Survey

Going over survey answers collected by Deloitte over the past year we had a lot of great data to work with for this project. We wanted to tell the story of how Millennials are always on the go, using devices in new ways, and how that impacts their life and how they view the world…

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Journey Through a Profile

In collaboration with LinkedIn, we co-produced a video that explores the endless opportunities that come from having a professional LinkedIn profile. From finding your first career, to making invaluable professional connections, to venturing into new industries, LinkedIn puts your future right at your fingertips. Column Five oversaw the initial conceptualization and executed the motion design…

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A Fresh Perspective for Marketers

We teamed up with the folks at Marketo to create this animated infographic (also known as a gifographic, infoGIF or gif-o-graphic to some). It educates both B2B and B2C marketers about the benefits of using Virtual Reality as a part of their strategies. From the awareness phase to the decision-making phase, VR is adding excitement…

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The Spacecraft of Your Brand

A Visage & Column Five collaboration The Spacecraft of Your Brand represents how to build a strong brand by nurturing a strong core. Your brand’s core is the source of critical and creative thinking for a company’s team, broken down into 4 familiar parts: heartfelt purpose, clear future vision, inspiring mission, and shared values. When…

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How Marketers Create and Consume Content

As content creators, we’re often so wrapped up in content, so focused on getting inside consumers’ minds, we totally forget that we’re consumers too. Our thoughts, behaviors, and interactions with brands are no different. If anything, they give us more insight into the role content plays on the path to purchase. So, why don’t we…

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