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Ten-X The Future of Real Estate

We partnered with Ten-X Commercial to explain how their state of the art platform empowers brokers, sellers and buyers with data-driven technology to simplify and improve the transaction process.

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National Association of Realtors 2014 Annual Report

For the third year in a row, we had the opportunity to partner with the National Association of Realtors to create their 2014 Annual Report themed “You are NAR.” NAR seeks to show its members just how important each individual is. Leveraging the use of community-based photography and hand-lettering, the report presents member quotes in…

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How Much Will the Average National Rent Get You?

The average national rent in the United States for an entry-level one-bedroom or studio apartment is $769. So how much square footage does that afford you? The average space you’ll find varies greatly depending on the city–from living like royalty in Detroit or Phoenix to scrounging in closet-sized spaces in Los Angeles. We worked with…

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National Association of Realtors 2013 Annual Report

We partnered with the National Association of Realtors to give their annual report a visual boost. The report communicates the organizations growth and initiatives in a cohesive presentation.

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Presentation Design: Evolution of a Startup

A startup is a unique specimen. From a co-working office and flip-flop sporting founder, to international headquarters and a high-powered CEO, these high-growth, technology-oriented companies have an evolutionary pattern all their own. We created this presentation with Cushman & Wakefield to better understand the evolution of a startup.

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Infographic: San Francisco vs Silicon Valley: Where Should You Build Your Business?

Because there are so many factors to consider when a business it getting off the ground, we created this guide with Cushman Wakefield to help visualize the people, places, and spaces of California’s startup hotbed. The burning question? San Francisco or Silicon Valley! Media Pickup: TechCrunch, GigaOm, The Atlantic Cities

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