Employer Branding Toolkit

Attract and keep the best employees with this 5-template kit to find your employer brand’s strengths, tell better stories, and more.

What's Inside

Employer branding is the secret to attracting the right employees—and keeping them engaged. We make it easier to build a strong brand with this handy toolkit. Here, you’ll find a variety of workbooks and templates to help you dig into your employer brand, understand what makes you unique, and tell stories that will speak to the employees you have—and want.

  • Brand Heart Workbook to articulate your purpose, vision, mission, and values.
  • Employer Brand Audit Template to survey prospective, current, and former employees about your employer brand.
  • Employer Brand Competitive Analysis Template to understand how your competition communicates its employer brand story—and how you can differentiate.
  • Employee Experience Template to understand what your employee journey looks like, and what stories to tell at each stage.
  • Employer Brand Messaging Template to build out your content strategy and make sure you’re telling a consistent, cohesive brand story.

For more tips to use these tools, see our Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding.