Most Valuable Sports Franchises

Data Visualization, Interactives

Column Five

When you’re in the business of visualizing data, you don’t see an official Forbes list headline and just let it go by. We flagged the Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Franchises list as a great opportunity to create something unique in the sports space. By introducing the data sets of Years Competing and Number of Championships—two figures that serious fans surely would be able to recite about their favorite teams—we had the makings of a great interactive piece.


We love distributing static visual content, but love mixing in engaging formats that journalists are excited to share.This interactive garnered huge engagement numbers, sparked passionate conversation among fans around the world. With this interactive visualization, our communications team was able to inspire stories across top-tier and targeted sports blogs and publications such as: Deadspin, Digg, USA Today Huffington Post and more.

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